Answer to pop up #3, question for pop up #4

For those with memories as impaired as mine (and I doubt many such sods are still alive), here’s what we asked last time:

Q #3: According to the Book of Enoch, how many Nephilim, or Watchers, first came to earth to mate with human females?

A. 144,000                          B. 200                                   C. 13                              D. 260

Hint: Be quick on this one.

Answer: B. 200 (Be quick on this one — get it? B?)

Enoch wrote extensively — almost exclusively — about the Nephilim, or “Fallen Ones” of Genesis. He also compared their “privy members” to those of horses.  Hmmmm. No wonder they were such a hit with the ladies, eh? wot? Many statues, fetishes, even Egyptian funerary engravings survive attesting to their unusual endowments. Not for the faint of heart.

Egypt Boner Carving

Speaking of which, onto Pop Up Question #4

Q #4: What ancient artifact survives proving Sumerians visited South America’s inland areas as many as 5,500 years ago?

Aye, tis true, the artifact exists. I actually gave its name several posts ago. It’s up to you, my Intrepid Readers, to find the answer.

Hint: It is the great, or magnificent, power source.

Answer next time. 🙂

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Answer to Ancient Alien Trivia Pop Up #2

 Last week Pop Up #2 asked,

“Which Biblical character is thought to have built the foundation of the Temple Ruins at Baalbek, with help from the Nephilim giants?”

(Hint: Definitely not his brother’s keeper.)

And the answer? You got it: Cain, slayer of his brother Abel and, according to local Arabic tradition, the one who built this fortress in the Bekka Valley of Lebanon, with help from some VERY big friends….the Nephilim.

Pop Up #3 –  11/28/12

Multiple choice: How many Nephilim, or Watchers, first came to earth, according to the Book of Enoch?

A: 144,000            B: 200              C: 13                D: 260

(Hint: Be fast on this one!)

Answer next time.

Answer to Pop Up #1

Who was the Scandinavian equivalent of the Greco-Roman god Apollo?  

Was he really a marvelous kind of avenger sort? Or something else?


There really is no Norse equivalent to the Greek and Roman god Apollo, who was chiefly associated with the sun, music, agriculture, youth, athletics and even prophecy. Indeed, there is no god in any world myth the equal to Apollo (Apollyon, in Greek).

As for other Greco-Norse equivalents, the trail grows even dimmer, but it’s certainly nothing to get Thor about.

Thor would be either Zeus or the Roman Jupiter, since he was a thunder god — or perhaps the demigod Hercules, as he also protected humans.

Odin, the Vikings’ Big Daddy, would actually be closer to the Greek god Hermes (the Roman Mercury), since he’s a wanderer, and the god of intellect and civilisation.

POP UP #2: (actually posted last night, but we’re inflicting it upon you yet again, for the late-comers!)

The Roman Ruins at Baalbek actually date back much further than the Greco-Roman world – indeed, they are thought to be from remotest antiquity, dating to before the Flood. Which Biblical character is thought to have built the Foundation platform or pavilion there, with help from the Nephilim giants?

(Hint: Definitely not his brother’s keeper).

Answer next time!

Physical proof Sumerians visited Bolivia 4,500 – 5,000 years ago

That’s right: explorers from Man’s first known civilization, Sumer, in Mesopotamia (between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is today southern Iraq) actually left traces of their presence in – of all places – Tiahuanaco, Boliva.

Again, you read it right: THE Bolivia. The one in South America, all the way around on the other side of the planet from Sumer. The evidence was found near Lake Titicaca, on the Bolivian Highlands, close to Tiahuanaco. The same location, incidentally, as the world’s most puzzling “ancient alien” remains, at Puma Punku.

The proof? Two items: one is the Pokotia Monument, a characteristically Sumerian god/king statue at the Gateway to the Gods, in Tiahunaco (or Tiwanaku), and the most incredible of all, the Fuente Magna, an offering bowl to the gods, which is literally covered in both Sumerian pictographs AND cuneiforms. The significance?

Check it out:



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