Physical proof Sumerians visited Bolivia 4,500 – 5,000 years ago

That’s right: explorers from Man’s first known civilization, Sumer, in Mesopotamia (between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is today southern Iraq) actually left traces of their presence in – of all places – Tiahuanaco, Boliva.

Again, you read it right: THE Bolivia. The one in South America, all the way around on the other side of the planet from Sumer. The evidence was found near Lake Titicaca, on the Bolivian Highlands, close to Tiahuanaco. The same location, incidentally, as the world’s most puzzling “ancient alien” remains, at Puma Punku.

The proof? Two items: one is the Pokotia Monument, a characteristically Sumerian god/king statue at the Gateway to the Gods, in Tiahunaco (or Tiwanaku), and the most incredible of all, the Fuente Magna, an offering bowl to the gods, which is literally covered in both Sumerian pictographs AND cuneiforms. The significance?

Check it out:

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