Answer to Ancient Alien Trivia Pop Up #2

 Last week Pop Up #2 asked,

“Which Biblical character is thought to have built the foundation of the Temple Ruins at Baalbek, with help from the Nephilim giants?”

(Hint: Definitely not his brother’s keeper.)

And the answer? You got it: Cain, slayer of his brother Abel and, according to local Arabic tradition, the one who built this fortress in the Bekka Valley of Lebanon, with help from some VERY big friends….the Nephilim.

Pop Up #3 –  11/28/12

Multiple choice: How many Nephilim, or Watchers, first came to earth, according to the Book of Enoch?

A: 144,000            B: 200              C: 13                D: 260

(Hint: Be fast on this one!)

Answer next time.

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