Answer to pop up #3, question for pop up #4

For those with memories as impaired as mine (and I doubt many such sods are still alive), here’s what we asked last time:

Q #3: According to the Book of Enoch, how many Nephilim, or Watchers, first came to earth to mate with human females?

A. 144,000                          B. 200                                   C. 13                              D. 260

Hint: Be quick on this one.

Answer: B. 200 (Be quick on this one — get it? B?)

Enoch wrote extensively — almost exclusively — about the Nephilim, or “Fallen Ones” of Genesis. He also compared their “privy members” to those of horses.  Hmmmm. No wonder they were such a hit with the ladies, eh? wot? Many statues, fetishes, even Egyptian funerary engravings survive attesting to their unusual endowments. Not for the faint of heart.

Egypt Boner Carving

Speaking of which, onto Pop Up Question #4

Q #4: What ancient artifact survives proving Sumerians visited South America’s inland areas as many as 5,500 years ago?

Aye, tis true, the artifact exists. I actually gave its name several posts ago. It’s up to you, my Intrepid Readers, to find the answer.

Hint: It is the great, or magnificent, power source.

Answer next time. 🙂

And be sure to get your copy of The God Key on Kindle. It’s much, much cheaper than the paperback novel, easy to trade, share or delete if it sickens you with its tawdry tales of enormous Nephilim swinging their egos hither and thither and yon. Just hit Ctrl+Del and WONG!!! – gigantic members begone!

The God Key on Kindle

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