Answer to Pop Up Question 4, and New Pop Up Q 5

Hi, all! Hope this December 1 finds you counting the days till — not Christmas, but — the 21st! When dead toads will rain from the skies, along with Mayan Quetzlcoatls, Kukulfran & Ollie and a host of other nefandous, otherworldly things. Until then, however, our pop up series MUST continue:

Yesterday, I asked “Q #4: What ancient artifact survives proving Sumerians visited South America’s inland areas as many as 5,500 years ago?”

And, as I’d stated, ’tis true: the artifact exists. I actually gave its name several posts ago. It’s up to you, my Intrepid Readers, to find the answer.

Hint: It is the great, or magnificent, power source.

To my astonishment, it turns out that a lot of you paid much more attention to the earlier posts than I’d imagined. Many of you hit the proverbial nail smack on its pointy little head: the artifact is indeed the “Fuente Magna.”

The name’s interpretation in English is “great” or “magnificent power”, or even prophecy, source. This is because the Magna is an offertory bowl, designed to be offered to the goddess Nia, also identified as the Mideastern goddess Anat. More importantly, it’s covered inside with both ancient (pre 5500 BCE) Sumerian pictographs and the later Sumerian cuneiform script. This, by the way, in BOLIVIA, all the way around on the other side of the world from Sumer.

Fuente Magna_Sumerian Inscriptions




Now for Pop up Question #5: What were the Sumerian names for the Ultimate High God & Goddess — those who reigned above in the heavens, directing their sons Enki and Enlil down on earth?

Hint: the Fuente Magna isn’t called “Magna” for nothing.

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