Answers to Pop up Q5 and Extra Credit Quiz

Last time, we posed Pop up Question #5: What were the Sumerian names for the Ultimate High God & Goddess — those who reigned above in the heavens, directing their sons Enki and Enlil down on earth?

Answer: Anu (father) and Antu, or Anatu (mother). These were the Uber-gods, who only rarely came to our planet, preferring not to dirty their hands with the Anunnaki mining operations or, especially, their slave creation, “the Adapu,” or “Adam.”

According to the Sumerian Creation Epic (5500 BCE), the Anunnaki created Man as slave labor to help them mine the earth’s precious metals, particularly gold. It’s no coincidence that the word “worship” in ancient Sumerian actually translates to “work for.”

Man (the Adapu), you see, worshipped his gods (the Anunnaki). He “worked for” them. But all good things must come to an end, and nowadays, of course, Man “works for” the IRS.

anu and antu

On to Extra Credit Quiz we Twittered on Tweet (or Tweeted on Twitter….or whatever). “According to the Sumerians, Adam is to Eve as Anu is to ________?”  (Should be a gimme now).

Drum roll, maestro, if you please….? And the Answer is……

……. Antu, the Goddess!

enki enlilTheir Royal Offspring were Enlil and Ea (or Enki), and apparently they didn’t get along too well. Call it a SuperSibling Rivalry, kind of like Thor and Loki.

And that, my friends, is no coincidence.

But more on sibling rivalries among the gods and goddesses, their relationship as slaves to the IRS and Man’s role in all this next time.

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