The God Key Welcomes “Ancient Aliens” — Season 5 — NEW Episode 2Night!

bible_prophets_cartoon1-nostradamusEdgar CayceJeanne Dixon??????????????????????????????????

“Prophets and Prophecies.” 2013. The History Channel website. Feb 8 2013, 1:17

Prophets & Prophecies looks at the long line of prophets throughout history, questioning if they might have had a little “help” along the line?
The most well-known today is still Nostradamus, the 16th Century French physician, alchemist and all around wizard. Who was giving him the inside dope? And what of other, more recent, so-called prophets? Have any of them a record of accuracy, and, if so, just who supplies their dope?

  • Consider the Biblical Prophets (how they grow) All those killjoys in the Old Testament – Jeremiah, Isaiah, et al. Why were they so pissed off?
  • The aforementioned Nostradamus – Was he ever really on the money? Or did he just have a cool beard?
  • What price Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet? How can I get his job?
  • And just how much faith should we put in the “celebrity” prognosticators (Jeane Dixon, Sylvia Brown, et al) as found in supermarket tabloids the world over? Are any of them worth more than a passing chortle, or are they really ruthless sharks and parasites, battening on our fears and superstitions, bilking millions out of the Moronic Masses? And if so, how can I get their jobs?
  • And then there’s that Fogarty guy, who’s always mis-predicting The End of Days, and going on and on about “Ancient Illegal Aliens,” demonic astronauts, “fallen” arches, etc., and etc. What the hell’s he been smoking, anyway? And what’s with all the swords and daggers sticking out of his head? Is he really that into piercings?

Find out tonight on “Ancient Aliens,” 9pm EST on H2.



5 comments on “The God Key Welcomes “Ancient Aliens” — Season 5 — NEW Episode 2Night!

  1. John Fogarty says:

    That’s Nostradamus, idiot. Two a’s, not two o’s. Jeeze. It’s called a spell-checker, doofus.

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