The Thin Edge of the Wedge, or Socialism Comes A-Knockin!



IMG_0884Just thought I’d pass along a friendly warning about an interesting event that just occurred at my house. I was kissing my wife goodbye on her way to work, as per usual, when suddenly some woman in a semi official-looking uniform and a bright, puke-green vest shows up. She’s bristling with all kinds of devices: an iPad, a huge clipboard, a ton of pamphlets, and lightbulbs. I immediately sensed this was no good (the clipboard being a dead give-away), especially when she demanded to see the “Homeowner.”

I deferred to Sherry, who was literally backing down the drive when this woman approached her and beckoned. Now, it’s 32 degrees, with a windchill of maybe 25 degrees, and all I’m wearing is a tank top and gym shorts (my usual, year-round attire). Bracing? You bet. But I always kiss Sherry goodbye like this, no matter the weather. And although I normally make a bee-line back into the house, I just had to stay and eavesdrop on this colorful woman with her brochures and pamphlets and lightbulbs.

One of the first things out of her mouth is something about “Obama.” This got my attention. Then my wife says, “Oh, is this another one of those things to shut him up for a while?” To which the woman laughs (a tad nervously), “Yeah, just gotta shut Obama up, ha ha.”

Said female in vest and uniform then begins regaling Sherry with some cockamamie story about how Obama wants us to save on energy costs, “So he can pass the savings on to YOU!” Seems Big Bro wants to slide on into our crib next Tuesday, at some non-defined hour, to inspect our lightbulbs, weather stipping, windows, attic insulation, etc. and etc. To make sure we get our “savings,” y’see. To sweeten the deal she then gives us a delightful brochure, a coupon off our next “smart strip,” and a lovely little curlie-cue, energy-saving lightbulb.

Now, maybe I’m overreacting or being an alarmist, but doesn’t this sound like the old “thin edge of the wedge” to you? Big Bro wants IN your home now, ostensibly to ensure you of some farcical “energy savings,” when what’s really happening is, he’s setting a precedent for physically entering your home without permission, on the bogus pretext of “energy savings.” All this without even invoking Patriot Act I or II, which Big Bro can always pull out of his sleeve when necessary.

I dunno, folks, just seems very fishy to me. Anytime the Feds want in one’s home, for whatever noble purpose, seems the 4th Amendment is in further danger. Exhibits above.

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