Color Detail of Pacal’s Tomb Lid Engraving

Color Detail of Pacal's Tomb Lid Engraving

Pacal was a king of the Palenque region of Mexico in the 8th century A.D. Legend has it he was part-god, had come from the sky, and stood well over 7 feet tall. Here, in this depiction, does it seem like he’s working various levers and pedals with his hands and feet, or am I just hallucinating again?

Tomb Lid Engraving of Pacal Votan, Palenque, MX

Tomb Lid Engraving of Pacal Votan, Palenque, MX

Von Daniken was the first to publish this image in relation to a “Chariots of the Gods” context. Although scholars have since poo-pooed that notion, claiming this is Pacal visiting the Underworld on his Tree of Life, others still believe it’s too close to a primitive astronaut piloting his capsule to be coincidence. What do you think?