Early today, while meditating, trying to straighten all my chakras alone, and focusing on any stray past-life memories, I recalled a message I received 17 years ago, while tripping through a series of past lives (thanks to the expert help and supervision of a true Earth Angel, Pat Var. The message was a strange one, delivered under very weird and eerie circumstances.

During my first glimpse into what might or might not have been a true past life, I saw myself as a tiny, gnome-like creature (yeah, OK, you can laugh now), dressed in elfin garb, including a leather vestment and breeches, green shoes that curled up at the ends, and with a tiny wooden sword in my belt. I was wobbling through some beautiful, primeval Celtic forest. As I did so, I arrived at a great, gnarled oak tree, and literally scrambling up the branches to a special treasure trove I kept in the nook of two great limbs.

This was an fabulous collection of gold and silver coins, jewelry, bronze and copper arm bands, bracelets, beautiful blue-green gems of all kinds — i.e., treasure of every description (though no diamonds or other elements not found in Celtic lands). Immediately I became aware of a strong, disapproving presence. It was, I believe, my Guardian Angel.

And he was pissed.

Furious, to be exact. He looked like an angry, gigantic Gandolf, dressed in a long, black velvet cape and robe adorned with silver stars and moons and other celestial things. He even wore a dome-like, pointed crown and carried a giant staff. He was furious with me for running my tiny hands through my treasure and being practically mesmerized by it. His voice grew louder and more booming, and then he was showering my little clearing with titanic, jagged thunderbolts, the better to drive home his meaning. But the one overriding message I heard was that I was squandering my time and attention on worthless trinkets while missing out “The magic in the Forest. . . . There is MAGIC in the FOREST, you pitiful dunce!”

I described all this to Patty while I was experiencing it, seeing it, with some inner vision, so I know this was no dream.

Just now, that message came to me again, after 17 long, brutal, grinding years: “Forget all these trials and tribulations; they are but minor annoyances on your path. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE MAGIC IN THE FOREST!”

I leave it to the reader to decide what this all means. But while you’re deciding this, take a look at this ABC News¬†report on Guardian Angels: