Let’s Bomb Syria Now! Er, No, Wait! Iran! Er, Uh, no, no, East Jersey?

stacked_skeleton_headsLet’s Bomb Syria Now! Er, No, Wait! Iran! Er, Uh, no, no, East Jersey?

So the Nobel Prize winner wants to shove a bunch of hostile Sunnis (read: CIA lackeys) into Iran, eh? Good news for the TV networks: GREAT television programming for the summer! More smart bombs! More dumbshits pushing the buttons!! More dead brown people in some festering desert hellhole!!! What could be better?

The dominoes set in place years ago are starting to fall over beautifully, just as designed: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq (again), now Iran, Syria, Jordan, etc., and etc. All the while, our economy is teetering on the brink of total rectal implosion. Soon, we’ll need a wheelbarrow full of dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread — just like pre-Nazi Germany (seeing the pattern yet?)

I can already hear the old Randy Newman song: “…Let’s drop the Big One, see what happens …”¬† Which, at this point, would probably be the most merciful thing for all of us. Cut to the chase, as ’twere.

Nephilim giants? Fallen Angels? Demons and wraiths from the Other World?

Huh uh. We see the enemy clearly now.

In a mirror darkly. . .