Hi, all:

Folks, I hate fundraisers of any kind. Utterly distrust most of them and no longer give to any. Well, that’s all changed in the most horrible way.

Sheba Straight OnOur little terrier mix, Sheba, an 8-year-old girl, was attacked and savagely mauled by a pack of three much larger dogs last Thursday night — on her own property! I managed to fight them off for 15-20 minutes till they finally tired of the game (and getting their heads bashed in by a 57-year-old, arthritic, old man!) I thought for sure I was watching the death of my little Sheba. So I kept on fighting and fighting, regardless of arthritis or age, I became a freaking maniac when I heard her poor, pathetic death cries. Made me insane. Adrenaline did the rest. We survived, both pretty torn up, but Sheba’s wounds are far, far more severe. We nearly lost her that night.

The ensuing vet bills are already at $2,400 and climbing–projected (conservatively) to reach $3,000 or more, if everything goes well. But Sheba lost nearly all her upper teeth fighting for her life, leaving the roots in–bound to cause expensive dental bills later. But just to get her sutures out next week, and care for 1 day at the Vet’s, is going to cost at least another $400 – 600. She had something like 100 stitches, I was told. I couldn’t count them for the tears.

Our little girl survived so far, but she is much, much changed. Her spirit is . . . broken, she’s in constant pain and we have to watch for necrosis of the skin all below her right armpit. Pills, special foods (she won’t eat), etc., and etc. are killing us.

The only good thing to come of it was finding out about GoFundMe.//funds.gofundme.com/Widgetflex.swf“>

People, please, if you can, please donate a little to help her continue receiving treatment. Vets today look first at your bank or credit card balance before performing any services–even emergencies. It’s the culture we live in, I guess. If you can’t donate any money, that’s understandable, but please please please at least send Sheba your prayers. Remember her tonight, even if just for a second, to our inscrutable, but ultimately loving, Father in heaven.

I’ll shut up.

Thank you all who have donated so far.

<a target=”_blank” style=”border:none;” href=”http://www.gofundme.com/shebasvetbill?utm_medium=wdgt” title=”Visit this page now.”><img style=”border:none;” src=”https://funds.gofundme.com/css/3.0_donate/red/widget.png”></a>